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the success of a website is not limited to luck, but rather to the demanding criteria of the google algorithm. I strive to achieve these goals and understand the uniqueness of your organization.
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We define together the graphic direction of your web design. I then design the summary of the main pages of your website based on the references you have provided.
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Showcase Website

Enhance the brand image of your company

The creation of a showcase site allows you to present a dynamic image of your company. Through a quality and responsive graphic design, your showcase site allows you to create a real visual identity and enhance your image throughout the web. Your website is the ideal showcase of your expertise in your own field of activity. Showcase sites make it possible to present the services of a professional, his team and his values ​​through a communication and content creation strategy intended to improve his visibility.

Offers your business a whole range of opportunities.

Specialist in E-Commerce technology, I support your project of redesigning or creating a Woocommerce online store. I take care of the entire creation of your online store in order to allow you to sell your products and services in the best possible conditions. the goal is to help you grow your business and reach a wider audience. The creation of your e-commerce website based on WooCommerce and WordPress (the most used CMS for website creation) offers a wide range of third-party solutions and features that help make this platform a complete and much cheaper solution. than its competitors such as Shopify.

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Blog Blogging Homepage Social Media Network Concept
Attract new customers with a professional blog.

Every company needs a blog is to increase their visibility. Put simply, the more blog content you create, the more opportunities you’ll have to show up in search engines and drive organic traffic to your website. A professional blog is a marketing tool of choice for any company that needs to gain visibility, promote its brand image and define an effective marketing strategy on the web. Visibility is a fundamental element of the company’s communication strategy.

Writing and regularly publishing blog articles allows you to develop your SEO campaign by providing an appropriate response to the searches of your target audience related to your activity. Your professional blog is therefore a great way to increase your audience, find prospects and generate quality traffic to your business site.

WordPress: Reliable, flexible, easy to use and for a reasonable price.

Web developer expert in the creation of WordPress sites, I support you throughout your web project. From choosing your host and your domain name to taking care of your SEO, including of course the integration or development of your WordPress theme and plugins, I put to. You have all my know-how and my expertise in WordPress at your disposal to provide you with a high-performance site, able to meet all of your needs. Showcase or e-commerce site, I take care of your entire project of redesign or creation of your WordPress site. Conception, design, development, and SEO strategy, I support you throughout the duration of your project, I ensure the long-term maintenance of your website.

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As a Freelance, my services cover the redesign and creation of websites, the  design, and the optimization. I put my experience and my skills at the service of your project throughout the whole realization.

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